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Root·ed (adjective)


 Absorbing nourishment and moisture.

With our roots deeply grounded in Senegal, Unforbidden Fruit was founded from the ground up by Adam & Eve. Our family owned business stems from a passion to help balance the products we use in our lives by infusing ingredients sourced from nature. We believe in mind, body, and  spirit like our ancestors. By creating luxury salon-grade products we strive to inspire mindfulness in the products we use on our body, and to show the benefits of fruit internally and externally.

Ground·ed (adjective)


To be humbly rooted while we grow

Our dreams are the seeds to our future. Water them by speaking life into it. Tend to to with the fertilizer of consistency and faith. Manifest what you see for yourself and build the garden of your dreams. Share the fruits from your garden when others come to you desiring growth. My dream grew from unforbidden fruit. I hope to provide to you all a beautiful journey filled with health and growth.


Your support means the world to me as I plant the seeds of Unforbidden Hair Fruit in honor of Adam & Eve.


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our story

In the heart of Africa        - the cradle of humanity, buried beneath the Baobab tree, lies our roots.

We take turns braiding each other's hair, nurturing each strand to tell our stories of strength and resilience. For generations, we live in perfect harmony with the fruits of our motherland. We care for our hair with a subtle mix of love and spirituality, hearing tales in the wind about the natural abundances that surround us. We planted ourselves deeper in order to live in harmony with Mother Nature. It is here, under the Baobab tree you'll find the source of life blossoming above our heads.

Our alignment with the gifts from our ancestors is a truly unique trait known to Africa. It spreads through the hidden riches of our nature, and spans beyond boundaries, touching our diaspora without a trace of distinction.


our mission

Our mission is to create the highest quality salon products that can be used at home to give you salon inspired looks daily. We strive to stimulate your hair from its roots using organic fruits of life for healthy and beautiful hair.

our values

At Adam & Eve, we are rooted in the following values:


We stand proudly by the natural & organic hair care collections we sell, knowing that their purity and efficacy are helping consumers to nurture their beauty from the root and beyond. 


We continuously strive for salon-grade quality for our products. Our products and its packaging are top grade, we strive to move towards eco-friendly products as we grow.


We are passionate about our products and would like to be known as a company that manufactures natural & organic hair care collections using premium ingredients,scientific research, and consumer based inspiration to give your hair the source of life it needs to meet your beauty needs.


All of our hair care collections are manufactured with focus on our consumers, their wishes, needs, expectations, and satisfaction. We consider it necessary to build and maintain family-like relationships with our consumers rooted in trust.

our ethics

We are sustainably-produced fruity goodness. Made with love from our family to yours. We strive to provide safe, recyclable, and uncompromised beauty products, as much as possible, based on your hair type needs.


Tested on our family for four generations. Never on animals.


our passion

Luxury salon quality fruity goodness but we leave out these harmful ingredients:

        NO Formaldehyde

NO Parabens

  NO Petroleum

  NO Phthalates

   NO Mineral Oil

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