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Our hand carved hand comb is made of high quality ebony wood. It is strong and durable.



Static Free - comb is made entirely of wood, this eliminates static cling caused by plastic, reducing frizzy hair


Scalp Massager -  Wood combs have thick, broad bristles massaging the scalp to stimulate blood flow and bring nutrients from hair product to the hair follicles, strengthening follicles to help your hair to grow. 


Conditions Hair- The natural wooden fibers in Ebony combs work to condition your hair. As you comb, the natural oils from your scalp coat your hair shaft all the way down to the ends. When you use Unforbidden Hair Fruit's natural oils, it will blend with the oils in the wood, making a wonderful, nourishing combination for your hair.


Minimizes Hair Loss- Plastic combs with close teeth tend to pull and break hair. Our wooden, wide tooth combs glide through your hair smoothly (even if it’s been dry for a few days). 


Reduces Dandruff- Since dandruff is due to a dry scalp, regularly massaging your hair with our wooden Ebony combs can help to normalize production of sebum ( natural hair oils) to help eliminate dandruff.


Especially effective on curly or thick medium to long hair. With 7-8 prongs to lift and add volume Can be used to detangle wigs, braids, natural hair and suitable for women, men,and and children at home or in salon.


- Multiple Designs Available
- African comb in two-tone brown and black ebony wood
-Exotic Characters representing Africa


- Country of origin: Senegal
- Carved with ebony wood from Senegal
- Entirely hand made and designed

Hand Carved Hair Comb

  • Plastic Free

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