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Our gold candle trimmer is the perfect accessory to our Unforbidden Scents line!


Trimming your candle wicks will keep the candle burning without any black soot and it will give your candle a longer burn time. When a wick gets too long it cannot draw wax all the way up to the top of the wick. Therefore, the wick itself will start to burn and cause candle flames to take on a dull appearance, which affects the amount of light they give off.

Candle Wick Trimmer

    • Place the wick trimmer handle inside the rim of the jar.
    • Bring the blades towards the wick parallel to the wax.
    • Cut the wick about 4/5 mm.
    • Throw the wick debris away.
    • Light your candle and enjoy the illumination and fresh Unforbidden scent.
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